For the seventh consecutive year, Geely Auto has joined with Chinese super star Han Hong and her charity organization Han Hong Love Charity to travel to remote impoverished regions and provide free medical care to those in need. Over 100 renowned medical experts together with Han Hong will travel 15 days through remote villages in Sichuan and Tibet providing treatment for long-term illnesses, cataracts surgery, and pass out medicine to those in need. Geely Auto has provided the convoy with 30 rugged new Vision SUVs to take them along the tough 3,300 km journey.

Since 2013, Geely Auto has donated nearly 200 SUVs to the charity, taking them nearly 600,000 kilometers across high mountains, treacherous passes, and wild pathways to reach impoverished villages in remote locations and provide long-needed medical care. Together Geely and Han Hong has traveled through the remote areas of Xinjiang, Guiyang, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Sichuan, and Tibet helping tens of thousands of people in need.

How well has the Vision SUV performed under these rough and demanding conditions? The best reflection of the model’s rugged reliability is the market. Since its launch, cumulative sales of the Vision SUV have exceeded 340,000 units.? The new Vision SUV is fitted with Geely’s newest and most efficient 1.4T engine which meets China’s most stringent national 6b emission standards. The engine has been named one of China’s top ten engines. On top of emitting less emissions than previous generations, the upgraded powertrain also offers more power and torque which will be welcomed on the difficult journey.

A socially responsible company, Geely has always been guided by its Chairman, Li Shufu’s view that “a company that does not care for society will be abandoned by society.”? In addition to assisting Han Hong with her charity by provide Vision SUVs, Geely has started a separate charity which Vision SUV users can opt to contribute to, one which help poor students around the country get access to education. The “Happy Student Aid” charity has already gathered a total of 3.3 million RMB to help impoverished students around the country.

For any successful company, giving back to society is a means of sustainable development. When society is prosperous, the company can be prosperous. Wherever Geely models are produced, Geely aims to reduce poverty in the surround areas.? Through Geely’s Timely Rain Targeted Poverty Alleviation Project, over 20,000 families have been lifted out of poverty. ?Over the years, Geely has invested over 800 million RMB towards providing public welfare. Like Han Hong, Geely has become a role model of social responsibility for others to follow.